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Memorial created 11-26-2005 by
Loretta Gilfoy
Shirley May (Souza) Reine
August 8 1953 - May 9 2005


    Back in the day when Shirley turned 39 years old, I started a tradition, which I believe she never forgave me for LOL. In our local newspaper you can submit a poem and or photo, for a birthday, anniversary, memorial etc. Well.............................I did just that, I found a picture when she was a little kid, which I knew she hated and presented it to the newspaper to be published on her birthday. Well lo and behold she was so pissed at me, especially when people called her up and recognized her, right off the bat. Oh my gosh I was laughing for days after that. I had looked forward to her birthday in August every year. And the days prior were great, she'd be given me the evil eye and say you better not. I continued this birthday ritual until she turned 44 and I promised her I would stop, but had warned her to watch out for the big 5-0 because that would be one to remember! She had turned 50 in August 2003 and I've search my mind over and over again and till this day I do not know why I did not do my little surprise for her in the newspaper. Shirley died at the age of 51.


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