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Memorial created 11-26-2005 by
Loretta Gilfoy
Shirley May (Souza) Reine
August 8 1953 - May 9 2005

   Our memories build a special bridge
         when loved ones have to part
   To help us feel we're with them still
          and soothe a grieving heart.
             Our memories span
             the years we shared,
          preserving ties that bind,
    They build a special bridge of love
         and bring us peace of mind.





I search various ways to keep her keep memory alive, I light the candles at her grave, I sent off balloons high in the sky, I reminisce about her, and speak her name constantly. I will never, ever forget her. She is in my heart , my mind and soul.


The central feature of the memorial is a dry streambed containing smooth river stones engraved with the names of victims of homicide. The streambed begins with a circular black granite stone called "Tragic Density" that symbolizes the enormous weight of sadness and grief. The streambed moves through the Garden and culminates with a trickle of water into a pool out of which rises "Ibis Ascending", a skyward sculpture representing hope. The sea walls throughout the Garden, also engraved with victims' names, offer a place to sit and reflect.

It is a special place where families, friends, and the greater community can remember and celebrate the lives of those taken by violence.


Garden of Peace, Boston, MA


Memoral Walk Way at Falmouth Library


Falmouth Friends of Dogs Memorial Garden at the shelter


When Shirley was murdered she left behind 5 long hair dachshunds , Daisy, Duke, Coal, Princess and Prince. Ricky her goat and Abbie the office cat. I am Grateful to her neighbor Lou, who took care of Ricky, feed him, took him for walks in the neighborhood, and he found him a home, where he became king of the farm, until the day he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. and reunited with his beloved owner. I am also grateful to one of the detectives that was working on Shirley's investigation and had fell in love with Abbie that awful day, in May. She took Abbie into her loving home until she too crossed that Rainbow Bridge and reunited with Shirley. I am extremely Thankful to Friends of Falmouth Dogs, who took all measures to make sure Shirley's Sweeties found the best homes. In fact Duke who name changed to “Harry” lived right down the street from me. I'll never forget that day I was sitting on my porch, trying to make sense of everything that had happened in my mind , when I looked up and there he was being walked by his new owner. I cannot explain how excited I was to see him. And after that day, every time I was feeling down and out, Duke would appear prancing down the street. I was heartbroken the day his owner came to tell me that Duke had been run over by a car, but he was in good hands....he had found Shirley. R.I.P. Duke aka. Harry. I'm happy to say that I see the others now and then and I know that Shirley is thrilled knowing that her babes are all living happy lives.


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